Celeni Wedding Gift Card

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You don't exactly know what to buy her?

And she is getting married?


So we invented our Celeni Wedding Gift card for you.

Buy the gift card and let her choose what is her dream accessory or dress for the big day.

Depending on the price you choose, she will be able to choose accessories from our Borbala collection or a veil or a ready made wedding dress also from the Borbala Collection, or even a made to measured dress we design with her.


Be part of the process, come to the fittings, let's dress her up together for the big day.




Headbands from 7900.- to 19900.- 

Veils from 26000.- to 28000.-

Dresses, skirts, bodysuits in our Borbala Collection

range from 60 000.- to 155 000.-


Made to measure wedding dresses

between 200 000.- and 300 000.-